A creative design engineer from Delft University of Technology that loves to focus on the details. Over the last couple of years I was part of the product development department as a Technical Product Manager. Initiate new projects is what I do. Besides taking care of the technical innovation I love to work on the business side of the project like sourcing and account management. From my experience it is important to be involved in most stages of the project, only then you are able to fully understand the stakeholders and create the best possible result.

What else?
Passionate about outdoor sports like surfing and mountainbiking, I used to be a cyclist on a semi-professional level. I love to take out my camera for a great pic, no matter if I am in the forest, on the beach or visiting a factory for work. Very interested in developments in the field of (electric) mobility, circular economy, innovative materials and production.

Take a look at my portfolio to see some of the projects that I worked on during my career.


Manufacturism tells the story behind product development. Founder and Industrial Designer Lennart Weerts travels all over Europe to show European craftsmanship and production. Many products we use every day are produced in a place very far from the place where they are used. This way of making and using products is not sustainable and can’t go on forever. When a product is produced locally the chain from raw material to end consumer will be shorter compared to production overseas. In Europe we have the knowledge and craftsmanship needed for production; to keep this knowledge we should continue and expand the production that we can do locally. This contributes to an independent, sustainable and efficient lifestyle where we use products made close to the place where they are used.